Assurance Tickets?

Single game tickets are NOW ON SALE!

To us, that means we’re a little closer to Opening Night (38 days to be exact). 2016 is bringing with it a new change in the ticketing department. This season, all of our fans can purchase “assurance tickets” when they are buying single game tickets!

What is an assurance ticket you ask? 

Simply put, if you buy a single game ticket and can’t make the game (either before or after the game is played), you don’t lose the value of the tickets. It’s $3 additional per ticket that you purchase (when you purchase), either over the phone or online, and it allows you the ability to transfer your tickets to another game if you can’t use them.

So, if you purchases 4 tickets for Opening Night but something comes up the day before and you suddenly can’t make the game, you can call the box office (or stop in) and swap those tickets for a different game. Maybe you purchased you Opening Night tickets and just forgot to come. That’s OK, too! If it’s after the date of the game that you missed, simply bring those assurance tickets to the box office and swap them our for another game of your choosing. (please note: assurance tickets do NOT guarantee you the same seat you purchased for a different game. All exchanges are subject to availability.)

We get it, sometimes life happens even AFTER you purchase your Senators tickets. With the assurance tickets you won’t lose your tickets!

Now go get those tickets – we can’t wait to see you at FNB Field this Summer!

Full Stadium - Will Bentzel



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