Terry Byrom’s 2,000th Career Game: Reactions From Around Baseball

On Friday night, Harrisburg Senators broadcaster Terry Byrom broadcasted his 2,000th career game. Byrom’s career spans from time with the Ogden Raptors, Fort Wayne Tin Caps and now the Senators, in which Byrom is currently in his 11th season broadcasting for the team.

Throughout his travels, Byrom has encountered and worked with many different people throughout baseball. Many of those people had plenty to say about Byrom broadcasting his 2,000th career game – an incredible achievement.


Matt LeCroy, Senators manager

For me in this game, we talk about consistency, we talk about stability, and how hard it is. For a guy who has been at short season, been at Low-A, he’s been doing it since 2002 to stay with it. I know his goal is to move up and get a chance at it. He’s such a good person. He helps all our coaches out, all our players out. He’s very positive. Just good success to stay with it this long. We all hope he gets a chance one day to do it on the big stage.

Geoff Morrow, former Senators beat writer

I remember the dreadful 2007 campaign, my second season on the beat and TB’s third. This was in the old crummy press box before the stadium renovations. We were all in a row up top behind home plate, and each of us had our own ways to maintain our sanity. Mine annoyed the crap out of Terry. I would constantly be listening to music on my laptop, and Andree and I would use it as inspiration to come up with new walk-up songs for various players. (This was before every player had his own detailed playlist.) Again, Terry was probably bothered by that unnecessary background noise as he was trying to do his broadcast, and one day we got into a heated argument over it. Seems like a weird story to tell as we celebrate TB, but here’s why I tell it: You fight like that with brothers. And why this stands out as a fond memory is that we quickly buried the hatchet and returned to our warm, cordial and humor-filled relationship. And he was right, too. I was being an annoying turd with my loud music. (For brevity’s sake, let’s assume I was right in every other discussion with Terry.) We worked alongside each other for nine seasons, and I count him as somebody who’s been a true pleasure to work with, the ultimate professional who maintained an inspiring consistency despite all the craziness of our respective businesses. With the major exception of his unexplainable love of Jimmy Buffett, I’m on board with all he’s done and stands for. Congrats on 2,000, TB.

Doug Harris, Washington Nationals Assistant General Manager & Vice President, Player Personnel

Terry….congrats on your 2000th game!  Despite the endless miles, sleepless nights and overall grind of a minor league season, you’ve brought this game home every night with incredible passion. You’re a great teammate! Congrats and many more!

Mark Mattern, former Senators broadcaster

Terry, congratulations on your 2000th broadcast.  Welcome to the “Two-grand” fraternity.  Keep it going and let me know when you hit 2,500!!

Marshall Kelner, Lancaster Jethawks broadcaster

Terry gave me my first opportunity to work in affiliated baseball when he hired me as his assistant for the 2013 season. I couldn’t have had a better mentor as I was first entering the business. He not only made me a better broadcaster and taught me a lot about baseball, he also taught me great life lessons that made a big impact on me and will continue to as I move forward in baseball and in life. He is a major league quality broadcaster, but more importantly a terrific person. I will forever be grateful that he took a chance on me and helped launch my career. Congratulations on an amazing run, Terry!

Chris Andree, Senators public address announcer

Congratulations on the longevity, Terry! It’s been a blast working with you, brother.

Greg Gania, Erie Seawolves Assistant General Manger, Communications

Congratulations Terry. My first ever EL broadcast was at Commerce Bank Park in 2006 and as a first year guy, Terry and Mark could not have been more helpful or courteous. They didn’t have to act the way they did to a 23 year old broadcaster right out of college. I’ll forever remember Terry for the way I was treated that series and for the friendship we’ve had ever since.

Robert Ford, Houston Astros broadcaster

Mike Pasanissi, New York Mets, Media Relations Coordinator

2,000 broadcasts for one of the best guys around. I’m proud to say that I was around for maybe 50-60 of those over the years from Strasburg debuts to countless 10:30 a.m. Games and wonderful Sunday Night Baseball games from Curve, Pa. Congrats my friend. If I can find a slice of decent sourdough, I’ll have one in honor of you today.

Trey Wilson, Altoona Curve broadcaster

Congrats, Terry, on the milestone. 2,000 games. That’s pretty groovy.

Perry Mattern, broadcast partner

I could not have asked for a better role model in my two-plus seasons with the Senators. You have always been kind, but more importantly you have always motivated me to become better. I have learned countless lessons of working in baseball and even more about life in general. Congrats on 2,000 games. I can’t wait for many more.

Mike Antonellis, Portland Sea Dogs broadcaster

Terry – Big congrats on your milestone! 2,000 games as amazing accomplishment. I was so happy the day you got the job in Harrisburg, we had a lot of fun back working in the Midwest League years ago. Here’s to another 2,000 games. Harrisburg is lucky to have you.

Mike Ventola, Reading Fightin Phils broadcaster


Congratulations on broadcasting your 2,000th career game last night!  You have certainly made an impact not only with the Harrisburg Senators but with the rest of the league.  I’m sure all of the broadcasters in the league would agree with me that you are by far one of the best around PERIOD!  I couldn’t be any happier for you!

You are someone I greatly admire and have the most profound respect for.  Congratulations my friend and I wish you many, many more!

Mick Reinhard, Senators’ beat writer

It doesn’t matter if you are a player, coach, or broadcaster. 2,000 games is an impressive number. It’s even more impressive when you consider Terry’s count started much later in life than most of his peers. I admire Terry’s commitment to follow his dreams and build a career. He has also gone about it treating people with respect, being a consummate professional, and never losing his love for the game of baseball.

He took a chance in 2011 and granted press credentials for the season to some schmo from a blog written by a bunch of friends to mostly amuse themselves. Surprisingly, he actually asked me back the next year and each year since.

He also has keeps putting me on the air despite many, many flaws that I think he has given up on fixing by now. The microphone is never close enough, the microphone is too close everyone can hear me breathing, or my apparent overuse of the word “obviously” are just some of the many shortcomings I have as a broadcaster. But yet, he still keeps giving me the headset occasionally hoping this time I’ll deliver the best version of myself.

I consider him a great friend who has always had my best interests at heart. Hopefully, he has many more in him. Congrats!

Adam Pohl, Bowie Baysox broadcaster

Congrats Terry on the incredible accomplishment of broadcasting your 2,000th game in Harrisburg!! Terry is someone who just gets it and is a great resource to talk with as a broadcaster entering the league just a few years back. He is passionate about his team and the city and Harrisburg is fortunate to have someone like him at the helm as a voice to hear nightly over the 142-game Eastern League slate.

Adam Giardino, Trenton Thunder broadcaster


I’ve only known you for these past four years so I’m skeptical on that first decade, but I can verify roughly 500 of these.

2,000 announced games is a testament to who you are as a person. You didn’t always know that being a play-by-play broadcaster was your calling, but you wanted to find a job that stimulated you every single day. And, years later, it’s clear you’ve done just that.

Tim Heiman, Binghamton Mets broadcaster

Jon Mozes, Trenton Thunder broadcaster

Congratulations on this marvelous achievement, Terry. Many announcers strive to have the type of impact you’ve had on the Harrisburg community and Nationals organization. 2,000 is a special number and it is fitting that you achieve it. Here’s to many more!

Jon Laaser, Virginia Tech Hokies broadcaster

Terry, or TB as I like to call him, served as a tremendous mentor for me in the beginning stages of my career and then as a great friend and peer since. I’ve always admired his ability to do things his way and his happiness in those pursuits. His on and off air wit and personality are truly one-of-a-kind. Can’t believe it has been 2000 buddy, can’t wait to hear the next one!

Aaron Margolis, Senators Assistant General Manager


Congratulations on your 2,000th broadcast!  After a little bit of arithmetic, I realize that I have been lucky enough to be around for over half of them.  When I first joined the organization in 2008 (back in our days in the Annex), you were a very big part in making me feel at home with the Senators organization.  Over the past eight years, I have cherished your insight, kindness, and friendship.  Hats off to you for this tremendous accomplishment. All the best to you in the future!


Congrats on reaching a tremendous milestone. All the best Terry, you have a been a terrific colleague and hope we get to call many, if not thousands more!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to do this, it means a lot to me.


Congratulations on your milestone from this big Mets fan. I’m not sure why you’re still here in ‘Double A’, but when you finally move up the Senators are going to have some big shoes to fill.

Congratulations, Terry! You are a class act and always enjoyable to listen to. It’s a pleasure sharing an office with you!

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