Senators Fall Short in 4-2 Loss to Hartford

Ballou’s two-run double all the Sens could score

Looking for their first four-game road sweep in five years, the Senators fell just short in their 4-2 loss to Hartford. The Senators started play a game behind Akron and 2 ½ games behind Altoona, with both clubs playing night games.

Mark Blackmar started for the Sens and he allowed two runs in the first inning on a two-run home run by Roselle Herrera. The Senators bounced back in the third and plated two runs on a double by Isaac Ballou. Hartford came back with a run in the bottom of the third to retake the lead 3-2, then tacked on a run in the fifth to give Hartford a 4-2 lead.

Isaac Ballou was the Senators' only source of offense on Saturday afternoon (Will Bentzel / MiLB)

Isaac Ballou was the Senators’ only source of offense on Saturday afternoon (Will Bentzel / MiLB)

The Senators only had five hits but they received eight walks but not one walk scored Saturday afternoon. The Senators left ten runners on base, including six in scoring position and went 1-for-11 with runners in scoring position.

Robert Benincasa followed Blackmar with two scoreless innings and Nick Lee pitched one scoreless inning.

Rafael Bautista had two hits, Stevenson one, Blackmar one and Ballou’s double.

After an off-day on Sunday, the Senators open a four-game series on Monday night in Bowie. It’s the final road series in the regular season.

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