The Island to the Show: Richard Bleier

Photo courtesy Will Bentzel / MiLB

Photo courtesy Will Bentzel / MiLB

MLB Debut: May 30

Harrisburg stats (2015)
8-3, 2.45 ERA, 1.01 WHIP, .247 BAA
103.0 IP, 9 BB, 40 K

Richard Bleier always seemed like his style of pitching was better suited to the 1970s. Nowadays, baseball has become all about velocity in the high 90s and strikeouts. Bleier is a guy who is much happier keeping the ball down and inducing a groundout on one pitch.

In today’s landscape, pitchers like him rarely get a chance.

But the 6’3″ southpaw got the call he had waited nine professional seasons to receive when he was called up to take the place of injured Chasen Shreve in the Yankees’ bullpen. So much about who makes it and who doesn’t on the fringe of Major League rosters is about timing and opportunity.

Who knows what the future holds for Bleier? But his last 13 appearances in pinstripes were scoreless and he posted the lowest ERA and lowest WHIP for Yankees’ pitchers. Bleier also walked only four, didn’t allow a home run, and lefties hit .150 off him.

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