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Mick Reinhard and I delved into the world of unwritten rules with the newest podcast. Baseball is, well, a game full of them. And when you think you know them all, more come up. And then more. And yeah, more. There might be as many unwritten rules as there are written rules.

Along with the segment about unwritten rules, we talk about the change in minor league coaching staffs. Once upon a time in the minors there was a manager and one coach. That’s it. If you’ve watched the movie Bull Durham there is only a coach and manager. This year, the Trenton Thunder will have four coaches and a manager.

Lastly, Mick talks about what it means to be sent to minor league camp or optioned to a particular team when cut during spring training.

We’ll be doing these the next couple of weeks before the season starts so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear, let us know!

Listen here.

Terry Byrom


Brand New Podcast

One of the changes this year, among many, is a new podcast being hosted by yours truly, Terry Byrom. The Island Chronicles Podcast will be mostly about baseball, but could certainly devolve into many different topics. The great thing about the baseball season is that allows for mind wandering, relaxed thoughts. For instance, on a bus ride from Bowie to Hartford in the middle of the night, I might start thinking about recipes, or hikes on the Appalachian Trail. So those thoughts might, probably – okay, let’s be honest here, will make their way here as well.

If you’ve listened to me on the radio then you know I LOVE baseball. I’ve loved baseball for as long as I can remember eating, drinking and, well, you get the picture. So the podcast, and sharing this blog with Ashley Grotte, Aaron Margolis, and Perry Mattern, will give me even more of an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite things in life, baseball.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Mick Reinhard joined me for this first one, and will probably be along for many, many others. Harrisburg Senators baseball starts in four weeks. Exactly four weeks from tonight the team, and I, will be in Altoona for the first of 142 games. I. Can’t. Wait.

So, without further adieu, let me formally introduce to you, The Island Chronicles Podcast The Island Chronicles Podcast

Terry Byrom



36 days!

Only 36 days to go! 

Make sure to get your tickets! 

37 days!

Big thanks to Stras for the kind reminder that Opening Night is only 37 days away!!

Get your tickets hereStras_Credit2

Assurance Tickets?

Single game tickets are NOW ON SALE!

To us, that means we’re a little closer to Opening Night (38 days to be exact). 2016 is bringing with it a new change in the ticketing department. This season, all of our fans can purchase “assurance tickets” when they are buying single game tickets!

What is an assurance ticket you ask? 

Simply put, if you buy a single game ticket and can’t make the game (either before or after the game is played), you don’t lose the value of the tickets. It’s $3 additional per ticket that you purchase (when you purchase), either over the phone or online, and it allows you the ability to transfer your tickets to another game if you can’t use them.

So, if you purchases 4 tickets for Opening Night but something comes up the day before and you suddenly can’t make the game, you can call the box office (or stop in) and swap those tickets for a different game. Maybe you purchased you Opening Night tickets and just forgot to come. That’s OK, too! If it’s after the date of the game that you missed, simply bring those assurance tickets to the box office and swap them our for another game of your choosing. (please note: assurance tickets do NOT guarantee you the same seat you purchased for a different game. All exchanges are subject to availability.)

We get it, sometimes life happens even AFTER you purchase your Senators tickets. With the assurance tickets you won’t lose your tickets!

Now go get those tickets – we can’t wait to see you at FNB Field this Summer!

Full Stadium - Will Bentzel



The One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame

It’s official…life-sized bobbleheads are coming to FNB Field.BobbleheadHOF

In our 29 seasons of baseball since rejoining the Eastern League in 1987, we have seen many great players wear the Senators uniform.  This year we’re starting a new tradition by recognizing the truly great players from our history in a unique way. This year we’re beginning The One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame. This season, there are three Senators legends being enshrined and each will receive their very own life-sized bobblehead. The life-sized bobbleheads will be on permanent display at FNB Field, this year in different locations, then in the future, in their very own permanent, high-profile location.

“This is something we are so excited about,” said Senators President Kevin Kulp. “Being our 30th season, we wanted to begin a Hall of Fame Concept, but we didn’t want to do it in the traditional sense.  Nothing wrong with that, but we wanted to do something special and something that hadn’t been done before. And who doesn’t want a picture with a giant life sized bobblehead??”

VladIn recognition of the Senators 30th season, the organization has selected Vladimir Guerrero as the first inductee into The One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame. In the 29 seasons the Senators have played baseball since 1987, he’s generally recognized as the best player to put on a Senators uniform. Guerrero’s induction into the Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame is Saturday, April 16. The first 1,500 fans that night will receive a replica of Vladimir’s life-size bobblehead.

Not only will fans receive Guerrero’s bobblehead, but Vladimir himself will be here on April 16 for the unveiling and induction into The One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame. It is Guerrero’s first time to visit with Senators fans in Harrisburg since 1996 when he left the Senators to join the Montreal Expos.

FloydOur 2nd induction into The One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame is Cliff Floyd on Saturday, July 9. Floyd played for the 1993 Senators and along with Guerrero, was an Eastern League MVP. A replica of Cliff’s life-size bobblehead will be given to the first 1,500 fans through the gate on July 9. Floyd is also expected to appear at his unveiling and will be signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

Harper, Bryce_08142011 - 9435 (Will Bentzel)The last inductee into our first One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame class is Bryce Harper. His induction ceremony is on Saturday, August 13 and the first 1,500 fans will receive a replica of his life-size bobblehead. Unfortunately, the reigning National League MVP will be unable to attend due to his being busy that night with the Washington Nationals.

The bobbleheads that will be on display are actually life-size as Guerrero’s is 6’3”, Floyd’s is 6’5” and Harper’s is 6’3”. Each bobblehead will be holding a commemorative plaque. These are the first three inductees into the Senators One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame. We plan to induct players annually into the One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame.

Our amazing One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame logo was created  by San Diego based design company Brandiose.


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